Monday July 13 , 2020

Student Testimonials

It was a pleasure to work with Esther, it really helped me to be able to talk to someone else about ideas and have another pair of eyes to look through my essay and be able to help me with my writing.  I also think she was really effective in helping me to see relevant connections to the things I had gone through to who I was as a person.

--student who graduated high school in 2010

Working with you made everything so much easier. The process was less intimidating and gave me the headstart/nudge I needed. I loved working with you.

--student who graduated high school in 2010

I began working on my college essays with Esther in the spring of my junior year of high school. I had an idea of what I wanted to write about, but I wasn't exactly sure how to organize my thoughts into a concise and powerful essay. That's where Esther came in. She helped me to structure my writing and execute my thoughts in a way that made my story stand out from the rest. The following winter, I got into my top choice of schools. Looking back, I can say with full confidence that Esther played a major role in my acceptance.

 -2006 Union College graduate, now working as a copywriter in NYC



Working on my essay with Esther was an amazing experience! She made it really easy to understand what parts were good and what parts would benefit from a little work. She showed me how I could strengthen parts of my essay and tone down the less important bits. After working with her over the summer I brought my essay to a couple of teachers to edit, and they were “completely amazed.” Thanks so much for all you did, Esther.


--student who graduated high school in 2010